Mastermind – Mastermind EP

Mastermind | Ultra Vague

Mastermind aka Vladislav Neykovich is a 25 year old talented artist from a cultural hub and Estonia’s capital on the Baltic Sea, Tallinn. He was born in Odessa, Ukraine, started to write music when he was 15. He used to experiment with such genres as Hip-Hop, Dubstep, trip-hop, Illbient, Dub-techno, Future Garage, but currently he’s back to Trip-Hop.

Mastermind | Ultra Vague
Mastermind | Ultra Vague

From a very young age I had a cassette player and a couple of cassettes with fairy tales at my disposal. When I’ve managed to reach the chest I gained an access to an extensive music collection starting from Willie Tokarev to Klubbheads. I still remember a couple of landmark moments from the first audition. It made such an impression on me and it is still fresh.” – Mastermind

Mastermind was influenced by

– Tarantino Collection Cassettes and Please Hammer Do not Hurt Em album by MC Hammer, so the first words he learned in English were “can not touch this”, while Tito & Tarantula is still one of his most beloved bands.

– A short-lived “Pagabu” program on Prosto Radio, aired every Saturday at 20:00, the DJs reviewed some fresh wicked tracks from the world of hip-hop and I was putting all this on tapes.

– His mp3 collection included Public Enemy, which opened the sound of the old school hip-hop for him.

– In the 9th grade when he was already listening to Onyx, Cypress Hill and Wu-Tang, the guys from the party showed him an application Fruity Loops after which he started making bits under the nickname of L.A.X.

On the 1st grade of college I began to delve into the dubstep, my favorite artists were Doctor P, Flux Pavilion, but I wanted to sound like Kryptic Minds or Truth. I started to record tracks under the pseudonym 187’Victim and everything seemed to go pretty well, but I got my laptop broken and lost all the music.

The first, who impressed him from the world of trip-hop were Shitao with their album “Lines” and The New Law. I liked Shitao’s dark mood, the way it was pumping him up with heavy beats, while The New Law instilled him the love for saxophone, besides, he realised that it was something similar to what he was looking for.

Then the character Mastermind appeared. My teenage depression has gone, but the favorite style has remained. Only the mood was now dictated by the music of DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, Nujabes, Dan the Automator, RJD2, etc. Since then, a variety of favorite music has been actively replenished with tons of favorite styles from Stoner Rock to Illbient and all this has somehow and continues to have an impact on my work under the pseudonym Mastermind. – Vladislav

Zimne – Saharnaya Golova (2017)

Zimne - Saharnaya Golova (2017)
Highly Recommended!
Fudo KazukiUltra Vague, CEO
Siberian electronic prodigy, duo Zimne, came back with their brand new album, breaking a two year silence. If you guys followed our discovery compilation series you might have already know them by their stunning trip-hop track “Sto Let” on Uvarious Artists VOL.4

These guys is a perfect example of a DIY band.  Natasha Shilova‘s refined vocal lines, conceptual and sophisticated artwork and skilled sound production by Anton Kremarenko, makes this duo stand out in trip-hop / downtempo genre diversity. 

Zimne ft. the owl
Zimne ft. the owl

New album is titled “Saharnaya Golova” (Sugar Head), there are four guest vocalists / musicians on a record.

A split track with The Owl was presented last year, the rest are new: a quite experimental work “Adele” with Ptitsami, ambient pop song “Trip” with Andrey Khrapov and chillwave-ish track “More” with Hale De Mars. 

Anton Kremarenko | Zimne

Anton Kremarenko not only makes great music production, but is an author of all the lyrics on the album. I wish you guys could understand Russian, because words in these songs are absolutely poetic and elegant as if it was written by a woman. 

“Our main literary influences come from the Silver Age of Russian poetry. We mean people such as Marina Tsvetaeva, Vladimir Mayakovsky, and [later, kindred spirits] like Bella Akhmadulina.” 

I do suggest you guys to go and buy this album for as little as $1,70 or more and support musicians to keep’em creating some more masterpieces in the future.

Album mark is 8/10, favourite track is “Nimb”. 

Natasha Shilova – vocal, tunes, flute.
Anton Kremarenko – lyrics, tunes, music, beats

Signaly iz hospisa EP (2013)
Polyoty vo sne i na vidu LP (2014)
Nabor snov EP (2015)


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Kubrick’s Cube – Odissey

Odissey by Kubrick's Cube cover | Ultra Vague


Kubrick’s Cube is a project born from one shared idea of 10 Moscow-based musicians: to erase the notion that music is something that can be categorised. For them, music has evolved beyond genres and styles, and with the dawn of electronics beyond even the studio/ live split.

«This project has a single goal — to erase the standard divisions between musical formats. We would like to show that all notions of genre and style are already outmoded. The line between electronic and ‘live’ sound has likewise faded away. 

It’s bloody fantastic.
Jonny Hunter Muzik Dizcovery

We strive — as a result of those claims — to combine incompatible elements and go in search of new sonic territories. Kubrick’s Cube is a collection of ten musicians, each of whom has his own vision and understanding of music.»

The imagery of novelty as vaguely discerned distance reappears.


It ends up as an utterly stark-raving mad dive through every electronic style that’s mattered in the last few years, while tearing strips from jazz, rock and pop along the way. At the same time, it carries all this with a distinctly fresh and unique style the likes of which will only be matched by a handful of releases this year. – John Hunter